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About Da Nico


Da Nico is an northen Italian restaurant, in the center of Millburn, NJ, near the legendary Paper Mill Playhouse Theater and Bow Tie cinema.
The atmosphere in Da Nico is warm and welcoming, suitable for casual or business lunch, romantic dinners, dinner with friends (e.g. girl’s night out), family celebrations and private events.
Da Nico restaurant holds approximately 60 seats in the main dining hall, and between 8 and 14 people in each of two private rooms.

Our Vision

Da Nico restaurant serves delicious, Italian inspired, high quality gourmet food, handmade with our personal touch, attention and spiced with lots of love.
We believe that amazing food does not have to be heavy. Da Nico offers our guests food carefully prepared with fresh, natural ingredients, thereby providing both delicious dishes and an enjoyable meal experience.